Easy appetizer

So, it’s the holidays and people like to drop by or you get invited to go visit.  Here’s an easy, yummy appetizer you can have around all the time.  It involves three simple ingredients – two of which can be frozen and the other is in a jar!

Stop by Linden Dale Farms and get the chevre – I prefer plain – and this can be frozen.  Then go right down the aisle to Amish Family Recipe and get yourself a jar of “Rylan’s Red Raspberry Jalapeno Jam” (in a jar!).  Next, go around the corner to Saife’s Middle Eastern Food and get yourself a pita or two – I like the whole wheat ones, but white will do.

Now assemble by putting the chevre on the middle of  nice plate, scoop out some jam and put it over or on the side of the chevre.  Toast the pitas – just a couple minutes to give them a little crunch.  Cut the pitas into pie shaped wedges and add them to your plate or in a basket on the side.

I really like the creaminess of the cheese, the bite of the jam and the crunch of the pita.  And, oh so easy!


One of my favorite recipes

I love the whole wheat pizza crusts at Ric’s Breads. They are so easy to turn into a great dinner for two or appetizer for a crowd.

One of my favorite ways to eat them is topped with Garlic and Burgundy Wine turkey sausage from the Turkey Lady (I bake the sausage – two links – in an oven for about 15 minutes before I slice it to go on the pizza), some fresh mozzarella from Delgiorno’s and baby spinach or arugala from Barr’s Farm. If tomatoes are in season, I slice them thinly and place on top – otherwise, I do without. Bake in a 350 oven for about 13 – 15 minutes and it is ready to be inhaled – I mean eaten!