A Market Wedding . . .

It’s a Market Wedding!

Last May, Joel Shenk and Christina Stoltzfus, owners of Riverbound:  A Heritage Deli, got hitched.  In part, their love of Market brought them together, and in turn, their love of Market found its way into their special day. 

As standholders and longtime customers, they wanted to support Central Market by using items sold at Market for both their wedding ceremony and reception.  With an intimate knowledge of all the great products available from a variety of standholders, Joel and Christina had a hard time picking and choosing who would supply them with their wedding needs.  Finally, the couple narrowed it down to the following vendors:  Rohrer Family Farm Flowers, which made the bouquet, corsage, and floral arrangements; the Goodie Shoppe, which created an amazing selection of tasty dishes and a beautiful wedding cake (The Goodie Shoppe sourced Linden Dale Farms and Barr’s Farm Produce in order to craft some of their scrumptious fare.); Riverbound:  A Heritage Deli, which provided cubed cheeses; and Susan’s Secret Garden (now Forever Friends), which provided the wedding favors. 

As fate would have it, the wedding became even more connected to Market this year. The owners of the venue where Joel and Christina got married purchased Susan’s Secret Garden and became a part of the Market family. 

Looking back, Joel and Christina are thrilled that they were able to support so many vendors and provide their guests with an amazing experience thanks to Market.  Truly, Market has so much to offer and is a great resource for all of your party and event needs!

Pork Tenderloin on Salad

One of our favorite meals is a simple salad with a protein of some kind on top.  This meal features pork tenderloin from Stolztfus Fresh Meats.  If you go to The Herb Shoppe, ask Jim for some of his garlic herb blend.  There’s no salt in this so it’s a good blend for those of you watching your salt intake.  I rubbed a generous amount of this blend along with some fresh ground black pepper and a little kosher salt all over the tenderloin.  Roast it until it reaches temperature – USDA recommends an internal temperature of 145 degrees with a three minute rest after you pull it from the oven.

The greens for the salad came from Tulip Tree Hill Farm – I got a bag that contained mixed greens and a wide variety of sprouts.  Everything from this stand is locally grown – Kathleen has a minimally heated greenhouse.  I had some leftover arugala so I threw that in too.  I also sliced a couple trumpet mushrooms (from Lancaster Farm Fresh) and some grape tomatoes from Stoner’s Veggies.  Toss this with a light vinegrette and top with a few slices of the pork tenderloin. 

Delicious and good for you.

Pizza anyone? This is sooo easy!

This pizza is made with all toppings that are ready to eat – so all you need to do is assemble and heat through.

Start with a pizza crust from Ric’s Bread – I like the wheat, but they also have white.  Next, I spread out a handful of arugula (this bunch was from Meck’s produce), you could also use spinach.  Then I took a tomato (from Thomas’ Produce) and chopped it up and put it in a bowl.  I added half of a red onion – chopped (from Barr’s Produce) and a little bit of balsamic vinegar.  I let the tomato, onion, vinegar mixture sit for a few minutes to “come together”.  The next thing to add to the pizza is pieces of smoked chicken breast.  I got this from Carr’s and although it didn’t look like a big piece of chicken – we got three meals out of it.  Cut the chicken into bite size pieces and spread out on pizza.  Then add the tomato mixture and last put on the goat cheese – I used the plain chevre from Linden Dale Farms, but I bet the garlic or chive would be great, too.  Bake at 350 degress for about 13 – 15 minutes.

So yummy!

Another Valentine’s Day Option

If your Sweetie is more into fish than beef, try this wonderful fish alternative!

Start with a great piece of fish from Mr. Bill’s – we got a pound or so of flounder – fresh and clean – beautiful.  Then we went to Carr’s and got one of their fantastic crab cakes – these things are as big as your head!  We cut the flounder in half and stuffed it with the crab cake – kind of spreading it out a little bit.  Sprinkled with salt, pepper and and some fresh lemon.  We baked it in the oven along with some sweet potatoes we got from Stoner’s Veggies.  These we just washed, coated with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  Last thing we had with this great meal is some lightly steamed broccoli – today we got this from Market Street Produce.  Plate up your meal and then add a little fresh lemon squeezed on the fish and broccoli.  Fantastic – and easy!

A Special Meal for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a meal to impress a certain someone? 

Try this – a beautiful salad made from a mix of lettuces from Groff’s Vegetables and yellow and red grape tomatoes from Meck’s Produce.  We topped ours with a simple vinaigrette.  For the main course we had beef filet from Stoltzfus Fresh Meats,wild mushrooms from Lancaster Farm Fresh sauteed with butter and cream from Maplehofe Dairy, Brussel sprouts sauteed with red onions (from Barr’s Farm) and topped with parmigiana cheese from Delgiorno’s Italian Deli and blue cheese mashed potatoes – potatoes from Barr’s, blue cheese from Green Circle Organics, milk and butter from Maplehofe Dairy.

This meal is a feast for the eyes and for the stomach!

Superbowl Party Foods!

It doesn’t matter if you like the Patriots or the Giants – these Superbowl treats will make everyone happy!  Everything is from Central Market so you can feel great about supporting small business in Lancaster City.

Utz Snacks has a wide variety of chips for your party.  I went with the Multigrain Tortillas – trying to be little healthier!  And for salsa I went straight to Amish Family Recipe and got their Black Bean Salsa.  But if you like your salsa with mango or corn, they have those options, too.

Nothing says Superbowl party like chicken wings – but I wanted to try to go a little healthier here too – so here’s what I did.  I got boneless, skinless thighs and boneless, skinless chicken breast from Shenk’s Poultry.  While I was at Amish Family Recipe I picked up some Patti LaBelle Smokey Habanero Sauce.  Then I went over to Green Circle Organics to get some 2% Greek Yogurt.  Last stop was Maplehofe Dairy for some plain bread crumbs.  They have a great selection of dry goods, too.  So I cut the chicken into strips – small enough to be just a couple of bites.  I mixed a big spoonful of yogurt with enough Smokey Habanero Sauce to give the heat we like – for us, I used alot! And I filled a shallow bowl with the breadcrumbs.  Take the chicken pieces and lightly coat them with the yogurt mixture – don’t go overboard – too much and they won’t get crispy.  Then dredge them in the breadcrumbs and lay them out on a cookie sheet.  Put them under the broiler, flip them once to crisp both sides and make sure they cook through.  Time will vary depending on the size of your chicken pieces.

And what goes better with spicey chicken “wings” than celery from Sweethearts of Lancaster and blue cheese dressing.  I got a small wedge of blue cheese from S. Clyde Weaver, some sour cream from Maplehofe, and mustard from The Herb Shop.  I used about equal parts blue cheese and sour cream – maybe a bit more sour cream – and added a spoonful of mustard, some white wine vinegar, a little lemon juice, garlic and pinch of salt.  Mix it all together.

I mixed a second batch of yogurt and smokey habanero sauce for dipping.

So, enjoy Superbowl Sunday and by the way, GO PATRIOTS!