Three new stands at Lancaster Central Market

There are three new, fantastic additions to the already amazing stands at Lancaster Central Market.  In order of their appearance:

Pure:Blend Tea – 

Kari Dandrea brings her organic, fair trade teas and matcha from West Chester to share with all of us in Lancaster.  Teas and matchas are available as takeout beverages or as dry products for you to take home.  One visit to this tea bar and you quickly feel the passion Kari has for her product.  So, whether you get a hot matcha latte to go or a sleeve of ginger pear tea to prepare at home, prepare to be “wowed”!


Rooster Street Provisions – 

Can you say “charcuterie”?  Wonderfully prepared, smoked pork products are in abundance at Rooster Street.  Tony and Kristina Page are enthusiastic about pigs and use the entire pig in the variety of products they offer.  Pate, terrines, sausages, speck and more are available at their market stand.  As a compliment to the meats, they also offer some canned vegetables like spicy carrots or pickled onions.  Make your selections with Tony and Kristina’s help, add a crusty bread, beverage of choice and you are going to be delighted.
Oasis at Bird-in-Hand –
All the dairy products at this market stand come from 100% grass-fed, raw cow’s milk.  A wide variety of cheeses, pro-biotic yogurt drinks, roll butter and more fill the refrigerator case.  Eventually, this co-operative of organic farmers is hoping to add dairy products from sheep and goats.  Stop by and welcome our newest stand located across from the German Deli in the northeast corner.