Country Meadows Farms

Lancastrians think that Country Meadows Farms is a natural fit for Central Market for a number of good reasons. It could be the quality and freshness; their meat is all raised locally and brought straight to market. It could be the option that customers now have to get local, organic, free range meats and poultry. We think however, that the best reason is this: understanding that Market is a community of vendors that band together to succeed, Country Meadows, in its own right, brings together six local farmers and to pool their collective resources and bring to market a wonderfully wide variety of grass fed and free range meats and poultry. Their stand is an outlet for those six farms to bring their products to market as fresh as is possible and offer to local folks the best Lancaster Country has to offer.

Spearheaded by Jim Kreider and Elmer Lapp, the collective offers grass fed and free range beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and turkey. Any cut of beef is available from tenderloin to sirloin, ground beef; roasts, and butts are available as well. Some of their more popular sellers are ground lamb and leg of lamb, as well as whole chickens and breasts, and their Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and NY Strip.

It doesn't get any more fresh than this. Stop by Country Meadows and put your grill to work!

Stand 43

Vendor Information:

Country Meadows Farms

Amos, Reuben and David Lapp

819 Little Britain Road M

Quarryville, Pa 17566

Phone: 717-224-9493



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