Long's Horseradish

In spite of the fact that for over 75 years the Long family has done nothing to market their horseradish and horseradish products their fame has spread far and wide. In fact its fame has probably spread back across the Atlantic to Germany from whence it came five generations ago. Well, maybe we shouldn't say they've done nothing. After all there is the "weeping fan", as this author has grown accustomed to calling it. It is a strategically placed fan that blows the fragrance of fresh grated horseradish into the air and sometimes right into the face of an unsuspecting passerby. Without fail it always generates a chuckle and of course, some weeping. Additionally, each generation of Long's Horseradish has maintained the high standard of the founders, producing a very high quality artisan condiment.

Longs retails a number of horseradish items at their Central Market stand. These include their best sellers, pure fresh Grated Horseradish, Gourmet Horseradish Mustard, Cocktail Sauce, and Horseradish Pickles. In addition to these products they also have a Horseradish Barbecue Sauce, and a cranberry d'frus horseradish sauce.

Long's Horseradish is a wonderful example of the "quality over quantity" principle to which Central Market standholders subscribe. The Long's market stall is about six feet long yet the Long's reputation, has traveled the course of the globe many times over.

Stand 39

Vendor Information:

Long's Horseradish

Mike Long

2192 West Ridge Road

Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717)872-9343




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