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Bob Meck began at Central Market in 1969 in a twelve foot stand working with his father-in- law, who had been operating as Widder's Produce since 1960. In the half century since then, the Meck Family has grown in numbers and their market stand has grown in size. One of the largest stands here at Central Market, the Meck's also claim one of the largest families at market, now having seen four generations represented behind the stand. With all of that real estate, you can believe that they're likely to have what you need in the way of produce. As with all produce stands at Central Market coming early in the morning is best with the Meck's stand. The only catch however, is that you might not actually be able to see the friendly sales persons behind the mounds of lettuce, cabbage, oranges, and tomatoes piled so high that you can scarcely believe Lancaster can eat that many fresh vegetables and fruits!

Over sixty acres of fertile southern Lancaster soil produce much of the Meck's in-season produce. The family farm is also home to a roadside stand that is heavily trafficked when their delicious home grown sweet corn, tomatoes, and peppers start coming in.

With a family that big there are bound to be problems, aren't there? Every family has them to be sure. For the Meck's it has everything to do with what color blood runs through your veins come football season. Is it Red? Or is it Green? Evenly split between Eagles fans and Redskins fans, this is one family feud you'd be best to stay out of! Take our advice!

Stand 19

Vendor Information:

Meck's Produce

Meck Family

1955 Beaver Valley Pike

Strasburg, PA 17579

Phone: (717)786-4713



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