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It was quite by accident that Ron Peters got into the souvenir and gift business. In 1970, he and his wife were looking to buy a house and while the house wasn't quite what they were looking for, the business that the homeowner was also selling seemed most enticing to them. They bought a metal works foundry from the man, and learned the trade of metal casting. For quite some time Ron made metal cast trinkets of a souvenir and touristy fashion and picked up quite a few nationwide clients retailing his works. One of them happened to run a stand in the legendary Central Market in downtown Lancaster. This relationship between manufacturer and retailer blossomed throughout the years until standholder decided it was time to pack things in. Ron decided to buy the stand from his old client and expand his business.

Though he is now a retailer, manufacturer, and distributor, Peters still sells hisproducts through outlets around the country, especially those who cater to a tourist market. His stand at Central Market retails his metal-works, as well as many other items of a collectible nature: T-shirts, magnets, post cards, dolls, garden statues, rugs, and license plates are all part of what PA Dutch Gifts has to offer an out -of-town visitor.

Ron Peters is very active in local Lions Clubs and is an all around man about town. Working his stand in Central Market since 1984, he is definitely someone to talk to about the way Lancaster has changed over the years.

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PA Dutch Gifts

Ron Peters


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