Saife's Middle Eastern Food

Food has always been a part of Omar Al Saife's life. His father, who was a chef before him, helped shape Omar from his youth towards preparing the delicious food of the Kuwaiti people. Omar came to Lancaster in 1980 to enroll at Millersville University and upon graduation decided, after a short trip back home to Kuwait, to come back to pursue a masters degree at the same University. At that point, Omar Al Saife decided to make Lancaste his permanent home.

In the early 1990's Omar and his wife Nadia started Saife's Middle Eastern Foods. Since then they have carved out a superb niche in Central Market's already diverse roster. They offer a wide variety of prepared foods to their loyal customers plus a selection of Middle Eastern ingredients such as olive oils, rice, sumaq, za'atar, and cous cous. Saife's is a veritable treasure trove of middle eastern culinary riches. Omar and his wife prepare all of their ready to-eat-foods in their certified kitchen each night before they head for Central Market. They use no preservatives of any kind, thus ensuring that all of their offerings are all-natural foods. Vegetarian and Vegan foods are available as well at Saife's.

Among some of their notable Middle Eastern foods are, spinach pies, spanokapita, falafel, and 12 different flavors of hummus. Omar suggests their more popular items for those tasting Middle Eastern food for the first time. First-timers will enjoy such items as such Chicken and Cheese Wrap or the Falafel Sandwich. They've learned that their vegan customers find the Vegan Baklava is hard to beat. They also sell their very own fresh baked pitas, perfect for making a home-made falafel using such ingredients as lettuce, onion and diced tomato.

To Omar and Nadia, the best part of being Central Market vendors is the friendships that they have built through the market over the years. Many of the Lancaster residents they know as their friends were introduced to them at Central Market. Omar has a characteristic grin that is endearing and lots of Market regulars look forward to chatting with him about a multitude of subjects. Omar and Nadia are excellent Market Vendors and a real treat. We recommend you get to know them.

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Saife's Middle Eastern Food

Omar and Nadia Saife


Phone: (717) 490-5500



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