Shenk's Poultry

Roger Shenk's Poultry stand has been doing business at Central Market for thirty-plus years, though Roger has not been the owner during the entire time. He took over the poultry stand from its previous owner almost ten years ago. Roger grew up on a hen farm and today can't think of anything he'd rather be doing. When you make your purchase from Shenk's Poultry you get the feeling that this business and your chickens are in good hands.

Shenk's Poultry sells a wide variety of poultry and fowl including duck, turkey, and chickens; during the holiday season they serve up traditional pheasant and capon. The staff behind the counter will custom butcher the birds to order for the customer, and usually has precut breasts, wings, and other popular items ready to go for express service. Shenk's has a top-secret bread filling recipe that they use to make stuffed chicken breasts - a very popular item.

The fresh poultry at Shenk's comes directly from Lancaster County farms. It doesn't come any fresher. Shenk's Poultry is yet another reason to skip the grocery stores and purchase everything you'll need to prepare fresh and healthy meals at Central Market.

Stand 18

Vendor Information:

Shenk's Poultry

Roger Shenk

Lancaster, PA

Phone: (717)391-7770



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