Steeplechase Jack

When a man's stomach turns its attention to delis, it's Jewish-style delis of course! Growing up in New York some of my fondest food memories are of eating at Carnegie Deli on 7th Avenue and 55th Street, a world famous deli which became a true institution and landmark. Pastrami, corned beef, potato pancakes and stuffed cabbage are great favorites of mine alongside the cole slaw, rye bread, and pickles.

Knishes from a long-ago, loved, Lower East Side - 110 year old establishment was my nourishment after a night on stage at Mercury Lounge. For those who don’t know what a knish is: A staple of the Lower East Side since the late 1800’s, the knish is sold in delis, from street carts and at dedicated storefronts throughout the city. It’s a dough stuffed with potato and vegetable then baked in a brick oven. Now featured as a favorite on

Today I share my favorites, direct from New York, available for you and your family in the Lancaster Central Market. Anytime you want a mile-high pastrami sandwich made to order, or cheesecake look for our stand under the name of Steeplechase Jack in our new space - number 35 on the market directory, by North Queen Street entrance.

Whether you are enjoying our generous portions in the Deli, catering a business or personal event, or just taking our delicacies home to enjoy, we promise you will love our food!

Stand 37

Vendor Information:

Steeplechase Jack

Steve Brickman

305 North Queen Street

Lancaster, Pa 17403

Phone: (717) 290-6943



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