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Stoltzfus Fresh Meats

Ammon Stoltzfus and his wife Suzanne bought Buccaneer Butcher in August of 2008. Having given the stand a face lift, Ammon wanted to change the name. Thus, Stoltzfus Fresh Meats was born. Like Ammon and Suzanne, the beef and pork that is sold at the stand comes from Elizabethtown, PA.

Stoltzfus Fresh Meats will custom-cut any order of beef. They provide an ample selection of more popular cuts in their meat case from which customers may choose. Steaks of every cut, roasts, ground beef, a choice of five different flavors of sausage grillers, delicious bacon and beef burgers can be found at the their stand.

The prices are excellent. The quality is excellent; their meats are brought in fresh everyday. Next time you pull out the grill remember your local butcher, Ammon Stoltzfus.

They accept credit cards and EBT.

Stand 64

Vendor Information:

Stoltzfus Fresh Meats

Ammon Stoltzfus


Phone: (717)656-4264



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