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Stoner's Homegrown Vegetables

John and Ethel Stoner take great pride in offering the finest quality, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Many folks consider Lancaster County the "Garden Spot" of America and for nearly 120 years generations of Stoners have represented that tradition through their stand at Central Market. Truth be told, it would not be a stretch to say that the Stoners have become an institution within the Market. Ethel and John have been married 46 years and have been growing top quality produce on their farm since 1965.

As of mid-May the following specialties are available: Home-grown Early Glo strawberries,
greenhouse grown tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, asparagus, spring onions, bok choy and rhubarb.

The Stoners sell a wide variety of produce: From April to December their stand is replete with fruits and vegetables brought to market straight from their farm near Strasburg. Their stand displays many brightly colored "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" signs.

The Stoners recommend that customers get to their stand bright and early. Over the years certain items have gained legendary status, and it's just not worth the anxiety of getting to market late in the day and not knowing if they will still have their famous homegrown arugula. John Stoner proudly bears a Central Market nickname - "Captain Arugula". One hundred years of cultivation has provided the Stoners with several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, worth checking out when in season. The Stoners' brussels sprouts have become hugely popular among local folks. People have been known to prostrate themselves, beg, plead and fight over them. Alas, the life of a market vendor is full of entertainment!

Stand 20

Vendor Information:

Stoner's Homegrown Vegetables

John R. Stoner

280 Strasburg Pike

Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717)201-4988



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