The Herb Shop

A Central Market staple since 1994, The Herb Shop is renowned as the place to go in Lancaster for the widest selection of herbs, spices and teas. By the ounce or by the pound, from the ordinary to the exotic, The Herb Shop offers customers a choice from among over 250 herbs and spices, 60 loose and bagged teas and various plain and flavored pastas. The Herb Shop also offers countless other specialty foods including soup and dip mixes, cooking sauces and marinades, globally and locally sourced hot sauces and even cat nip toys. Being served in a stand complete with antique scales and rustic wooden décor, customers are often taken in, not only by the vast selection of items, but also by the overall charm that this stand exudes.
Having recently been passed down from the original stand holder, Jim Zink, to his granddaughter, Corrie Breen, The Herb Shop’s tradition of personal, friendly service remains intact. Whether you are a regular or a first-time customer, visiting The Herb Shop is surely a Central Market experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Stand 8

Vendor Information:

The Herb Shop

Corrie Breen

357 East Chestnut Street

Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717)682-2413



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